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Tides of Gold is a tabletop role-playing game about a crew of adventuring sailors seeking riches amidst the clash of warring trade factions, corrupt marine patrols, and monsters in the deep. There are raids, kidnappings, back-alley deals, marine cults, and above all a cutthroat game of trade to be won—if you're skilled enough to ride the storm.

You and your crew must survive being hunted, shoved out, and battered by the waves of rival pirates, wealthy merchant families, warring nations, and backstabbing patrons. Will you seize wealth and establish yourself as force in the region? How will you navigate the pull of your anchor calling you home while you dream of a greater destiny?

In this stand-alone game, you'll find:

  • Rules to create your character's role: a dashing Captain, an inquisitive Collector, an unwavering Compass, a haunted Old Timer, or unrepentant Scamp.
  • Rules to create your crew: the raiding Pirates, avenging Pirate Hunters, or mercenary Privateers.
  • A quick and action-focused mechanic rolling 2d6+your action, and using failures to layer new complications to the story.
  • A fluid pace between phases of Scores, sea Odysseys, market Trade, and Downtime to adapt to your group's rhythm and interests.
  • Rules for dynamic trade, manipulating markets, and incurring faction wrath based on the wealth you accumulate...even as you rise to the level of bribing ports and spreading your legend across the continent.
  • A setting guide to the turbulent region of the Desideria Sea including three continents, nine detailed ports, 20+ unique sea monsters, 50 factions, and a collection of crewmembers and rivals to add constant drama and intrigue within the sandbox you develop.


SETTING Two generations ago, the region was invaded by mysterious Sea Raiders, not-quite human creatures who introduced Renaissance technology to an Iron Age world.

It has been fifty years since humans fought back these creatures, and in that time they have unlocked numerous secrets of their advanced technology, catapulting a mystical world into a mechanical future.

This period of peace and invention and spurred on a new level of trade and exploration. The Golden Road of ages past has been rebuilt. But the war time alliances are weakening. And now fortunes are ready to be made...or stolen.


Number of players: 3-6 

Age of players: 13+

 Length: 2-6 hours 

Type of Game: Roleplaying Game 

Page Count: 239


Tides of Gold is designed as game with layers of complexity. This free preview introduces you to the first steps to understanding the game. It introduces:

  • basic conflict resolution mechanics
  • introduction to the world and factions
  • the character types with full playbooks
  • 1 of 3 crew types you can play
  • 2 of 4 ship types
  • Background on 1 of 3 continents
  • 2 of 9 ports you can explore

This is enough to create a crew and start exploring the world. It can introduce you to the overall feel of the game.

Updated 15 days ago
Published 22 days ago
StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
AuthorCass Kat
GenreRole Playing
TagsFantasy, Pirates, Story Rich, tabletop, ttrpg


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