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The People grew tired of Sun's harsh treatment so they hatched a plot to turn two men into snakes and murder her. But the snakes accidentally killed her daughter instead. Now Sun is burning all the People's land.

You must journey to the land of the dead and bring Sun's daughter back, before your People's world is turned to ash.

This game is a part of the Big Bad Con Folklore Jam and based on a traditional Cherokee story.


Number of players: 3-5

Age of players: 12+ 

Length: 2-6 hours 

Type of Game: Roleplaying Game 

Page Count: 4

System: Lasers & Feelings


Sun and Daughter.pdf 200 kB


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A game based on a traditional Cherokee folklore about a group of people retrieving the daughter of the sun from the land of the dead. It is a game about atonement and loss. I find it poetic that you roll low for confrontation and change, and high for appreciation and acceptance.