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Psychic powers! Outlaws on the run! And surviving all based on the flip of a coin...

As humanity spread through the universe it realized it could not extend its dominant status into the interstellar realm without evolving further. Becoming more powerful. Genetic experiments unlocked psychic abilities...most of them destructive. 

500 years later, and you are one of the newest recruits to the elite Starblood Academy for psychics.

You were just about to celebrate the end of your first term when the attack came. You and a few of your fellow cadets barely escaped with your lives.

It’s dawn the next day. You’re tired. Confused. Stranded in an alien jungle far from any comforts. Your commpads pick up chatter from the invaders' ships. They say the Intergalactic Union has declared all Starblood dangerous criminals.

What do you do?


  • Number of players: 3-4
  • Age of players: 14+
  •  Length: 2-6 hours 
  • Type of Game: Roleplaying Game 
  • Genre: Space Opera/Pulp Sci-Fi
  • Page Count: 20
  • Game status: this was made for a game jam, and is an early test version

This game was made as a part of #JumbledUpJam: make a game with physical components other than dice or cards. This game uses coins for filling out your character sheet and overcoming obstacles. (There are instructions for how to play with dice if you don't have any coins).


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