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A roleplaying game that crosses the movie Clue with pulp science fiction tropes

A vault of forbidden alien artifacts. A deactivated warp gate. Electrical storms ridden by space monsters. Ghosts roaming a hangar which refuses to power on. And a collection of odd residents, hiding secret identities and murkier pasts.

The eccentric gazillionaire Mx. Starfallen has been murdered on their space station. Access to the station is closely monitored, which means they could have only been killed by one of its long-term residents.

Rumors are swirling. But the residents will only help you separate fact from fiction once they trust you.

In the style of cozy mysteries, the game focuses on the community of oddballs and increasingly entangled relationships as players try to find the killer.

Murder in the Stars uses a fast, flexible d6 rule system based on describing your approach and leveraging the powers of your sci-fi archetype to your advantage. The game includes:

  • 12 playable archetypes (from flashy pilot to former assassin robot)
  • A complete station setting with illustrations, locations, and threats from hungry living ships to parallel dimensions
  • Three different campaign lengths with 20-adventure hooks ready for immediate play
  • A relationship, narrative focused system to build up the mystery (no obtuse puzzles here)
  • Random generation charts for murder weapons, motives, and station residents
  • 12 different secret identities to complicate the players' lives


  • Number of Players: 3-5
  • Age of Players: 13+
  • Length: Multi-session style play, from 2-18 sessions
  • Page Count: 41 pages


This release is a full game. It will receive updates for polish in the future.

CategoryPhysical game


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